Do YOU hate to floss?

Have you ever said:

“I hate putting my fingers in my mouth.”

“My teeth are too tight; the floss gets stuck.”

“It hurts my gums when I floss.”

“Flossing makes my gums bleed.”

“I just can’t get in the habit.”

Girl Flossing

Are you tired of getting “The Floss Lecture” from your dental hygienist or dentist?

Do you want healthy teeth and gums without having to FLOSS?

“There’s GOT to be a better way!”


Finally – Proven Ways To Help You Keep Your
Teeth and Gums Clean & Healthy for Life…

Vicky Flint RDH

Hi, everybody! I’m Vicky Flint – America’s Dental Hygienist – it’s my mission to Empower Tooth Owners. . . to Stay That Way!!

I created the answer to your floss woes. When it comes to excuses for not flossing, I’ve heard it all. Most “excuses” are truly valid reasons — not everyone gets along with floss! That’s ok!

It really bothers me when I ask patients about how their flossing is coming along, when their faces drop in shame and they say “Not as much as I SHOULD.”

There are 2 things that bother me about that response:

  1. Most people don’t really know how often they “should” be flossing in the first place; they only think they have to have the right answer in order to keep from getting “The Floss Lecture” from their dental hygienist.
  2. Shame tears down, it doesn’t inspire or motivate anyone to lasting, winning action.

Vicky – Why haven’t other hygienists taught me all this stuff about how to keep my gums and teeth healthy?


Loveland, Colorado

So I say – If you hate floss, FINE — THROW IT AWAY!

Let’s drop the shame of it all and get on to something that will really, truly HELP YOU achieve healthy teeth and gums (that you will USE).

The answer is:

Gum Gadgets

There’s a GUM GADGETS kit for everyone —

  • GUM GADGETS – The Basic Kit for everyday folks,
  • GUM GADGETS – The Ortho Kit for folks with BRACES, and
  • GUM GADGETS – The Rescue Kit for folks with gum disease
  • (More on the individual kits later!)









  • IMAGINE – at your next checkup/teeth cleaning appointment, when your hygienist says “How’s your flossing coming along?” – now you can answer with “Great! I’m ‘flossing’ with the UN-floss.” That’s what GUM GADGETS are. . . The “Un-Floss!”

“These are terrific! Easy to use, great results.” Amy Schild, Eaton, CO

“I have some ‘Gadgets’ in my car, even one in my wallet!

They’re handy to put everywhere.” Julia P., New Orleans, LA

“So, what’s the deal with flossing? Why does my dental hygienist harp on it all the time?”


Let me get a little technical for a minute, so you understand what you’re dealing with here. You can think of plaque as soft, sticky stuff that nasty bacteria that lives in it. Under a microscope, that nasty bacteria looks like WORMS. . . . .EWWWWW — YUCK!

And these worms aren’t cute little nice guys, either! They do all the things that any living organism does: they move into their house, they eat, they go potty, and they have kids (reproduce).

Where are their homes? Their favorite spot is UNDER YOUR GUMS! You see, along each tooth, you have a little “cuff” of gum tissue that just “leans” against the tooth for a little bit, then it anchors to your tooth. When you have a gum disease exam and your hygienist says “You have mostly 2’s and 3’s, a few 4’s” – she’s talking about 2, 3, and 4 millimeters – the measurements of how deep that “cuff” is before the gums anchor to your teeth. Anything up to 3 mm is considered healthy. 4’s are usually warning signs that trouble’s comin’ unless you take some action. 5mm or bigger numbers (called “Pockets”) means you’ve probably had some loss of bone support around your teeth — GUM DISEASE IS MOVING IN! Under your gums is a perfect spot for nasty bacteria — it’s dark and wet in there, and if you’re not flossing, nobody bothers them.

What do they eat? Sugar is their favorite. The more, the better. Not only just sugar, but all its forms: high fructose corn syrup, and any ingredient that ends with “-ose” (glucose or sucrose, for example).

They go potty? In my mouth? Now that’s really disgusting! Yes it is, but it’s the truth. Every living thing has to excrete waste. The stuff that bacteria excretes is acidy — think of what would happen to your arm if you put it under a faucet that was dripping ACID! You can imagine the red spot on your arm, the damage to your skin, and the infection that would set in if you didn’t turn off that faucet. That’s what’s happening in your mouth, under your gums.

They reproduce? Yes – especially as their undisturbed. When your hygienist says you have an area that measured “3” last time and now it’s a “4”, you know that the bacteria’s winning; your gum attachments are dropping away.

The gums are working to get away from the irritation of the bacteria. But it doesn’t work — the bacteria just says “Hey, look! Our house just got bigger! Let’s have more kids, let’s have our friends move in with us!”


Antibacterial mouthwash helps when there’s a raging infection, but I don’t recommend them for long-term use. Why? I’ve been a dental hygienist for 26 years and I’m not impressed with the results I’ve seen from mouthwashes. Especially ones that are alcohol-based. Chronic exposure to alcohol in mouthwashes causes other problems in the mouth.

Besides, the nature of plaque is that it’s STICKY — think of peanut butter on a knife. Rinsing that knife in mouthwash isn’t going to get it off — you have to SCRAPE it off!

“Ok, so there’s all this disgusting bacteria stuff going on in my mouth. I Still Hate Floss. . .So How Much Do GUM GADGETS KITS cost?”


Consider these dental expenses:

  • Gum Disease Surgery: $2000 or more PER QUADRANT is common (we have 4 quadrants in our mouths — that would be$8000!). “I wouldn’t do that surgery, just give me. . .
  • Dentures”: can easily be $10,000 — PLUS a lifetime of AGGRAVATION!
  • Cleaning, Exam, X-Rays: $150 – $225
  • GUM GADGETS: $35.99 (+ shipping and handling)

For LESS than the cost of a checkup appointment, you can learn how to have a LIFETIME of healthy gums — AND have everything you need to get started right away!

AND — once you learn the techniques, you can use whatever other “gadgets” YOU find in stores. You’ll be empowered with the information you need to have a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums — WITHOUT FLOSS!

IT SOUNDS GREAT. . . What Comes in Each Kit?

Gum Gadgets – The Basic Kit

Gadgets for everyday use + access to Member Area for easy “How to” instructions

Gum Gadgets Basic Kit

GUM GADGETS – The Ortho Kit

Gadgets for the special challenges of those who have braces + access to Member Area for easy “How to” instructions

Gum Gadgets Basic Kit

GUM GADGETS – The Rescue Kit

Gadgets for the special challenges of those who have gum disease + access to Member Area for easy “How to” instructions

Gum Gadgets Rescue Kit



If you’re not completely satisfied with your GUM GADGETS KITS, just return them unopened within 7 days for a full refund of the purchase price and initial shipping!

You’ve got nothing to lose!