Gum Gadgets Rescue Kit


You can be living the flossing dream with the Gum Gadgets Rescue Kit. Expect healthy teeth and gums with this easy to use and affordable Gum Gadgets Rescue Kit; your satisfaction guaranteed.



The Gum Gadgets Rescue Kit is formulated for those who want and need super mouth comfort and support. Experience indicates that using the Kit’s superior appliances can be very soothing to those with gum and teeth problems. Enjoy the experience of nourishing your teeth and gums, while easily creating and maintaining a healthier mouth, fresher breath and whiter teeth with all-natural ingredients that do not harm teeth or irritate gums. This product is offered only by Dental Hygiene Haven. Gum recession is the main reason for tooth loss — 3 out of 4 adults over 40 have it! Did you know that over 40 million Americans have false teeth! Our products can help you avert this danger!

You can’t just use mouthwash; yes, antibacterial mouthwash helps when there’s a raging infection, but I don’t recommend them for long-term use. Why? I’ve been a dental hygienist for 26 years and I’m not impressed with the results I’ve seen from mouthwashes. Especially ones that are alcohol-based. Chronic exposure to alcohol in mouthwashes causes other problems in the mouth.

The nature of plaque is that it’s STICKY — think of peanut butter on a knife. Rinsing that knife in mouthwash isn’t going to get it off — you have to SCRAPE it off!

Gum Gadgets Rescue Kits are cost effective and affordable, especially when compared to what one might have to pay in dental expenses from not taking care of their teeth and gums:

Gum Disease Surgery: $2000 or more PER QUADRANT is common (we have 4 quadrants in our mouths — that would be $8000!).
Dentures: $10,000 — PLUS a lifetime of AGGRAVATION!
Cleaning, Exam, X-Rays: $150 – $225
GUM GADGETS: $44.95 (+ shipping and handling)

Each Gum Gadget Ortho kit comes ready to do the hard work for you and includes:

  • Instructional DVD
  • Carrying Case
  • Go Betweens – Antibacterial bristle protection
  • Toothpicks and holder
  • Gum Stimulator
  • Soft Pics
  • G U M Flossers three pack


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